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Establishment and management of projects
Establishment and management of projects: scientific and practical steps to establish and manage projects for the organization and management of resources available in the projects, such as human or material resources, in such a way that the project can be completed and managed to achieve growth, success and profit.
Strategic planning and institutional excellence
Design of best practices and methodologies in the strategic planning and institutional excellence system and formulation of strategic plans compatible with models of institutional excellence.
  • Evaluation of institutional performance according to the European performance methodology: EFQM evaluation of outstanding institutional performance according to European quality standards; detection and filling of gaps according to the nine standards in the European quality model.
  • Building strategic plans according to balanced performance methodology: Translating organizational strategy into action plans and using balanced performance measurement methodology that does not focus on a particular aspect of performance.
  • Qualification of organizations to apply standards of institutional excellence for participation in awards of excellence: Provide services for the implementation of systems of institutional excellence and enable and qualify organizations to participate in the awards through practically proven mechanisms.
  • Evaluation and arbitration of the strategic plan: Review and revise the content of the Enterprise Strategic Plan and make observations on the content with a view to its evaluation and arbitration.
Restructuring of troubled companies
A deliberate change of organizational components to restore its ability to successfully meet its business and its dysfunctional economic structure.
  • Assessment of the current status of the company: Methodological approach to studying management problems, identifying current information on the strengths, weaknesses and failures of its work in the Organization, and knowledge of its location, market position and competitive advantages that outweigh others or opportunities.
  • Review and update of organizational strategy: Review the current strategic plan of the organization, if any, and the purpose of the audit is to assist management in streamlining its decisions in order to identify and, where necessary, update strategic aspects that are commensurate with the change in the surrounding environment.
  • Development of the internal regulations of the enterprise: Development of a set of mandatory implementing regulations containing information on the organization of staff.
  • Update Enterprise Description Cards: The job description card is updated when the statement of duties and tasks required of each post, scientific qualifications, work experience, skills and the required abilities, powers and responsibilities for each job position, and internal and external employment relations of each post in the organization to contribute to the proper documentation of the job description.
  • Updating of the functional structure: The career structure is prepared for development with new additions or modifications, as there is a need for development during the enterprise life cycle so that there is flexibility to respond to any changes or adjustments, which may be partial to the career structure or require a radical re-division and change, and it is anticipated that there will be a need for modernization.
  • Manual of Corporate Tasks and Responsibilities: A handbook prepared for each post on the organizational structure, describing the functions performed well in the post and also listing the core responsibilities of the post.
  • Process engineering: A management methodology based on radical organizational reconstruction, based on the restructuring of administrative processes, with a view to achieving substantive and ambitious organizational development that ensure: speed of performance, cost reduction, improved quality of service.
Planning and management information
Prepare and follow up the implementation of annual operational management plans, contribute to development in the areas of evaluation and quality, develop the level of performance of staff, improve working methods and procedures, rationalize costs and increase and diversify the resources of the Department.
Marketing consulting
Market, product and customer consultations, which contribute to the best marketing methods, thereby increasing the Organization’s profits.
  • Design of marketing strategies and plans: Comprehensive planning of actions and marketing are designed to achieve the objectives and identify better strategies for their implementation.
  • Sales and Marketing Performance Assessment Study: Performance evaluation contributes to determining and defining progress in achieving marketing and sales objectives.
  • Study the mental image and measure the satisfaction of current clients: The results of the Mental Image Study and the measurement of current client satisfaction, the Organization needs sustained efforts with the work it has acquired and with its positive client image.
  • Study of the behaviors and trends of target clients.
  • Market research: By studying the market, the knowledge of competitors and the ability to develop products, market research are one of the most important things to be done by the owners of organizations, contributing to building their companies on well-thought-out and sound foundations.
Human resources consulting
Human resources consulting: It is a branch of management consulting that focuses on the effective use of staff to reach the goals of the Organization.
  • The Manual of Policies and Procedures is an official statement of rules that spell out policies and procedures to a specific method of decision-making in the Organization and to undertake the detailed work in a consistent manner that determines who is in charge of the process, where, when and why.
  • Functional description manual: A document with a detailed outline of all functions, functions and responsibilities and an examination of the job performance requirements of the Organization.
  • Job classification and evaluation: The process of classifying and assessing the relative importance of each staff member for the various functions within the Organization.
  • Functional trajectory plan: Identification of jobs and career levels and career planning on short or long-term objectives leading to exemplary professional work.
  • List of functional walls: a set of abilities and skills that contribute to effective performance in the job, its development through experience and the individual’s context of coping and learning.
  • Identification of training needs: Identify the gap in the individual and identify some of the required changes that contribute to focusing on good performance and reaching the expected targets.
  • Training on skills within the working environment for the transfer of knowledge and skills provided by qualified trainers and their practice in the course of work contributes to compatible production mechanisms within the organization.
  • Design and development of the organizational structure of organizations and departments: A framework that clarifies the administrative divisions that make up the entity in the form of levels, authority and responsibility of each division, within which orders and instructions are drawn from the upper to the lower level, and in which decision-making power, positions of authority and responsibility are made clear and must be prepared to be developed with new additions or modifications, in view of the need for development during the life cycle of the organizations.
Financial and accounting consultations
The preparation of economic projects is one of the most important steps for the success of such projects, since proper project planning ensures the success and effectiveness of such projects, as well as the expected good material return from such projects. So before any economic project starts, an economic feasibility study must be done.
  • Value geometry: The study of his analysis of the project depends on improving performance and quality and achieving goals at the lowest cost without affecting basic functions and quality.
  • Audit and improvement of calculations.
  • Feasibility study: The feasibility study plays a key role for the entrepreneur in achieving the objectives pursued through the marketing, technical and financial study, which determines the administrative and financial efficiency of starting and launching the project and establishing the infrastructure in clear scientific and methodological ways.
  • Cost Allocation and Loss Monitoring Systems: Burden Analysis for the Evaluation Goal; and To Achieve Specific Objectives and Focus on Cost Reduction and Profit Growth.
Design of work procedures and management of performance measurement standards:
Design a set of necessary structured and standard processes to be worked on in the organizations and manage the measurement of the achievement of results and objectives through the efficiency of the personnel using specific criteria against which their actual performance is compared.
Establishment and development of governance systems

in short, “good governance” or professional management on rules, procedures, policies and standards governing effective administrative functioning and improving performance and productivity. Relations between the Governing Council, executive management and owners are governed by powers and interests.

  • Governance Regulation.
  • Internal Audit List: Assist in achieving the objectives of organizations by using scientific and structured methods to assess the development of governance, oversight and risk management processes, and provide advisory services and assurance to add value to organizations and improve their operations.
  • Power matrix: It shall regulate the functioning and define the responsibilities and powers between the Governing Council and the Executive Department through decision-making and determination of powers commensurate with the procedures to prevent the risk of corruption and fraud.
Providing advisory solutions
Consulting services that contribute to studies and planning and focus on identifying problems faced by the organization by studying problems and providing appropriate solutions.
Community responsibility

the commitment of business owners to contribute to sustainable development by working with their employees, families and society to improve the living conditions of society and achieve economic development. In a manner, that serves both organizations and development in the educational, health, social, economic and environmental aspects.

  • Establishment and management of community responsibility of organizations: Building and managing community responsibility policies in a way that optimizes balance and targets.
  • Preparation and establishment of social responsibility initiatives: Developing, implementing and bringing about change in community responsibility initiatives.
  • Design plans and strategies in accordance with the concept of sustainable development: Building and put scientific plans and strategies that focus on sustainable economic growth.
Diagnosis and assessment of the current situation
Methodological approach to studying management problems, identifying current information on the strengths, weaknesses and failures of its work in the Organization, and knowledge of its location, market position and competitive advantages that outweigh others or opportunities.
Choosing a trade name

It is significant to find a suitable commercial name for the project to succeed. Although, choosing a clear, strong, attractive, and useful name for your business and activity helps the firm marketing. However, it contributes the brand promotion. Meanwhile, at RAFEEF we accept this critical responsibility that enables us in choosing a strong name that each project seeks.

Rehabilitation of Gas Stations

The restoration process aims to ensure the ability and efficiency of facilities to manage, operate and maintain gas stations and service centers following standards restoration and foundations, approved by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. However, this process is to create a competitive environment among companies to provide the best services at gas stations. Meanwhile, at RAFEEF we are at Consulting Center seek to be partners of success and contribute to the growth of enterprises by applying the approved standards and foundations.

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